1st novel complete

Adult Paranormal Romantic Thriller (Light / Dark versions)

Lit Comps: WIDE OPEN + CROOKED RIVER with just a touch of ANGEL'S BLOOD

Vibes: Ghost Whisperer + Supernatural

Word Count: ~98k polished

Tendrils that Bind

Ever since Rika lost her family in a violent manifestation of the angry dead, she’d been obsessed with exorcising the predatory ghosts. Reclusive and alone, with only the spirits she tamed as companions, she uses her chi to banish malignant wraiths to the Beyond. But a darker power is gathering strength, one which caused the dead to return three years ago.

After risking her life to exorcise a massive paranormal structure fire, Rika uncovers a series of deadly hauntings tied to the mounting power which turned her world up-side down. To combat the growing threat, she must learn to ally with those still living: A billionaire who’s been watching her every move, an ex-marine desperate to recover his memory, and an organization driven to control those who wield spiritual energy—all of whom desire more than just her chi. Rika must discover the true reason the dead have returned and defeat the insidious power before the spirits consume the world.

1st novel complete

YA Epic Fantasy Series

Fullmetal Alchemist meets Penny Dreadful

Lit Comps:

There will Come a Darkness and Mistborn

Word count: 150k words polished

450k words / 600k words drafted

Born on the day of the gruesome massacre of the Queen and the Prince of Forknowl, lonely and reclusive Maddison, mocked as the Cursed Prodigy, is driven to find the true orchestrator behind the carnages. As she travel the nation searching for clues—she finally arriving at the island of Anthanaeum, home to the famed Sage Tower and a Library of unknown depth.

There, she meets a hostile boy clinging to the life he loves, a girl who protects herself with exuberance, and a young innkeep groaning at the customers he serves. When she hears rumors of a sinister conspiracy involving the Sage Tower, She investigates and uncovers the schemes of a dark god which ties the god’s Order directly to the Massacre which haunted her.

She and her three friends soon find themselves with their lives on the line - entangled in a web of deceit. They must uncover the Orders’ true purpose and master the secrets of elemental magic while defending against deadly monsters.

One is chosen.

One must reveal the secrets of their past.

One will fight for a new future.

One might ignite a shadow war that envelops the world.

1st novel 78k/90k in progress

Work in Progress

YA Epic Fantasy Duology

Comps: Mix Gender Journey to the West ~ Asian Wild Wild West with just a tinge of palace intrigue

A crass Holy Maiden, a naïve sell-sword, a feeble healer with scars, and a captain trying to keep them alive through treacherous terrain. They must outmaneuver demons & beasts, while the nation's fate hangs in the balance.

Work in Progress

New Adult Contemporary Rom Com

Comps: Every Fairytale Retelling Ever x I Hate the Internet

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